About ME

Hi, I am Fang Ci, a graphic designer based in San Francisco. I recently finished my masters in Graphic Design & Digital Media from the Academy of Art University. My alma mater is Beihang University, located in Beijing, China, where I received my bachelors in Art Design.

I am a designer who is adept at exploring structures to find the core essence in order to create a meaningful, elegant, and creative design. My interests and skills in graphic/visual design, UI/UX design, product design, and branding are tools I use to accomplish this.

I have always believed that creativity will provide conceptual solutions to solve design problems. Because of this I am always eager to learn about what’s new and innovative, especially in other fields, in order to keep my mind open and kindle my passion. I am also a perfectionist: always striving for the best and staying cutting-edge.

I think the world needs people who think design first, because design is without cultural and linguistic borders, and through design we can change the world.